About Us

Rishon Finance is a direct lender authorised and regulated by the FCA.
Whatever your reason for seeking a personal loan, our goal is to provide you with lending which is :


Straightforward process from the outset :

  • We provide an initial quote before you decide to proceed with a full application, enabling you to keep control of your loan.
  • Working directly with you, we ensure you have a clear understanding of the full cost of the loan from the outset.
  • There is no complicated paperwork to slow down the loan application process – our documents are clear and simple. Support from our friendly team is available when needed.
  • Once approval is obtained, funds will arrive in your account within a couple of days, and in many cases, within 24 hours.

Our core values are respect, responsibility and fairness to all, as well as caring for the community :


We harness the strength of diversity and inclusion in our business, trust those we work with, and value everyone’s contribution.


Lending is carried out responsibly and correctly, and always within the required legal guidelines. Our policies and procedures framework safeguards the customer, ensuring transparency and affordability, and provides support for all our customers throughout their journey with us.


We treat all our customers in a fair and equal manner – transparency is at the heart of what we do. Any complaints are dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, and are treated individually with an unbiased and neutral lens.

Our employees, customers and stakeholders are all interlinked. This gives us the opportunity to invest in every relationship so that everyone can benefit.

Care in the Community

Community is what binds us together. We appreciate that a strong community helps to build bridges between people, whilst at the same time offering the opportunity to share knowledge and skills. We believe that through the measure of investing in many of our local community initiatives, we at Rishon Finance are helping to build and shape a brighter future.